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Trade finance solution
Assessment of the level of reliability of the counterparty is possible with the help of score indicators calculated individually for each company based on the available data. Those score indicators are displayed on the company and sole trade profile, making it easy to identify potential risks and reduce the time for making a decision.
    • Country Risk
    The factors usually associated with this type of risk are the political and economic stability of a country, exchange controls if any, and the country's penchant for protectionism of the domestic industry at short notice.

    • Foreign Exchange Risk
    Foreign exchange rate may fluctuate, thus making a trade not favourable. In order to manage risks, we will provide Foreign Exchange indicators on our platform.

    • Bank Risk
    Banks across the world have different levels of stability and strength. For trade finance it's important to understand which bank has backed a client on the other side of the trade, thus managing the risks.
    "Should I agree to pay before receiving the goods or, should I deliver before receiving payment?"

    The digital age, the globalized world - it's certainly a dream come true for start-ups as well as established businesses to do trade transactions.
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